Looking for British players

Hey guys, I play on the official FacePunch server Texas IV. Im posting this because I need British players. We are trying to enhance our reign of terror and people in other time zones are very helpful. My thought behind this is if us yankees are offline and sleeping then the friendly neighborhood Brits could watch over and defend our kingdom. So what do you say? Any amazing Brits wanna team up…and yes its kinda about the accent too…so ya get back to me

Where was all this “lets defend our kingdom together” stuff in 1776! You wanted your republic and right to bear arms, so you can defend it yourself. Give it two weeks and you’ll be tired of the accent and start mocking our dentistry.

God Save the Queen.

(P.S. Try asking the French, their working week barely necessitates getting out of bed, so they probably have more time anyway).

Whats your steam?

I assume there’ll be riches and bitches.
Link to your steam profile?