Looking for buddies

As the tittle says. I"m looking for few ppl to play together with. A little info about myself -Latvia GMT+2, 20 years old, online around 6 hours a day, around 110 hours of Rust so far, able to use skype,ts etc…
Planning to join a brand new server and start all over, if anyone is willing to join me then contact with me here or on steam.
Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125448874/
Thanks for your time.

Still up

Hi if you’d like to could merge with us. We currently have around 28 members, and a teamspeak and such.

Feel free to PM me.

If not,then good luck anyways.

i can find you on steam dude, theres like 100 sniffers. add me man “I AM KING”

I got a few people we just started building on a new server that got wiped yesterday.
we have compound and some nice gear come join us :slight_smile:

hey im looking for people to play with have around 300+ hours on steam pretty god shooter

whats ur steam name ludvix

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whats ur staeam name

I could say the same, there are tons of Kings as well c:
P.S - changed my nickname, so now its going to be more simple

Well I’m expecting a wipe anytime soon and I just got an IRL friend to get Rust so I’ve been teaching him how to play. We’ve got TS and could use another hand when we’ve gotta start all over again.

If someone wants to play in PVP sleepers off server im in.

Just joined a wiped server. For now we are group, looking for few more.
Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125448874/

I send you a steam friend request