Looking for car scripter

Hello, I am Mike.

I am looking for a scripter for my community (Not fulltime) but if you want its possible.

I am looking for a car scripter:

Get some good cars,
With fixed speed lights axleration.
And for all cars u need to be able to use all the seats there are in the car.

So in steps:

Car scripter,
Claxon (horn)
Radio (for inside ofcourse)

I don’t have so much money i can spend so i got a other offer: Scripter / Super admin (In my community)
We got already a team but no car scripter etc.
So i hope someone will respond and will help, we are making website (We can do that :P) www.infernorp.net (PS: We just started with our site)

We are working on our community we got 68 active members at the moment.

I hope this was anough information, PS: this is my second thread so please do not flame like i see on many post to people…

Friendly regards, Rinaldo208 (Mike)

Added: PS: Some word are not spelled correctly, Please do not argu about that.

Another kid who things people will code for Superadmin in his shitty community.
I dont think anyone will do it free. And you should place this in the Hire Thread .

Are you dutch?

It’s funny really, even the donate page doesn’t work.

And nobody is going to do what you want for free/super admin/donations. Making scripted cars is a lot harder than you think; you will have to pay to get some.

Like i said we just started today a few minutes before with it :stuck_out_tongue:

ADDED: I hope i can get it on this way…

And levi? it seems you post only to argu other people, are you trying to get more post by this way?

nah i dont think so we need to pay for scripters…
we have a LUA scripter atm and he asked at us if we want a scripter
so we said yes, we gave him donator and a few weeks later he is co owner…
so i dont think so people needs to get payed for lua coding,
and if you doesnt have to say something usefulls you can better leave,
Thanks for reading

You replied before I could extend my post! But yeah, you are just another shitty community that will be down within a few weeks or months (but that’s just pipe dreaming). You have nothing to offer that is different from any of the other half-decent communities. You are unwilling to provide any kind of investment to get any decent scripts for you’re community.

Let me reiterate, nobody will code for free/super admin.

You are most likely lying, and if not; the scripter was probably shite and would never be able to make anything more than a few custom printers. Can you tell me why this community is so special? Give me a good reason why a decent scripter would want to code for free in a community that he has no authority on, any players and will most likely shut down within a few weeks.

Your totally wrong cuzz we got already a scripter thats nearly done with his gamemode (For us)
And its not shitty (Your words),
It seems your kinda lonely because your flaming on a beginner like you said: and why don’t ya give us a try?

And how do you ever thought big community’s started? with 500 members first second he made it? Seems your dumb.

If you’ve already got a scripter making a full gamemode, you don’t need another one. This thread can be closed now.

No cuzz he doesn’t know how to make cars… Why do you even think i made this thread?

uhm no he is a very good scripter he makes his own gamemode you just are a noob scripter who thinks he can get some money by scripting a derma script i ask you to leave this threath and go to your own shitty community seriously if you dont have to say something usefull you can better go


Where the hell is the rest of facepunch? These threads usually get spammed and reported within a few days.

No offense friend, but the man you are calling dumb does have 2000+ hours on Garry’s Mod, and if I were in your position I’d listen to him.

You’ll be lucky if you find anyone who will code for you when all you give them is super admin. Infact I can only see the kindest of coders doing so, or others just handing you a script for you to fill in yourself.

Everyone is just flaming on the most of threads why can’t it be that
Only people who wants to help or give a tip without flaming?

And Tom he can be good but with flaming you won’t get a better imago.

Finally, somebody else who isn’t a 8 year old on this thread and bothered to actually look me up.

You’ve got your friends in on the thread flaming, or maybe they’re just stupid enough to side with you. No offence.

Shattering little kids DarkRP dreams is actually quite entertaining for both myself and facepunch; but on a more serious note, give up or cough up.

Rinaldo, you aren’t being flamed or anything like that, we are giving you advice, the very second response to your thread was you being told what you were doing wrong, not to mention how many times the posters in this thread have said the same thing:

*No one is going to code for super admin in a server they will most likely never play in.

*You seriously need to increase your offer for help otherwise you are going to fall on deaf ears.

No he just helps me because he is sick of you to,
Its weard that its normal on facepunch
That the most people just flame about how stupid etc.
but never helps, You guys never give us a change (Thats stupid)

please stop flaming on people here,
i thought facepunch is for helping people up not helping people down
and thats what you guys doing

please stop that

I think it’s just become a natural cycle of the Garry’s Mod player.

**6-8 years old = **Play and donate to DarkRP servers
**8-9 years old = **Try and host a DarkRP server and get free scripts
**9-11 years old = **Host different gamemode’s
**11+ years old = **Realize how naive and stupid you were and try to forget you every hosted a DarkRP server

This is facepunch, get used to it; you won’t get what you want for free. If you do, it will most likely be broke, shit or riddled with backdoors.

We are trying to help you, but your are simply calling us flamers. As I mentioned in my last post, people arent going to take you seriously if your payment is absolutely ridiculous.

Sorry for me that its normal in your live that things like this: shitty community.
Is normal to say i didn’t know its opposite day?!

And i don’t see any tip at all only that i better stop or that it never works…
Good tips in your way proberly, In my way this is just shit.