looking for certian tool for space ships

I found a tool 6 months ago on www.garrysmod.org or this website that puts thrusters on a vehicle for space flight and stuff. I’m trying to re-find it so i can test it out for possible use on space build servers.
Not much to go on but this is all i can remember about it:

  • Tool that automatically positions 13 or so thrusters around a vehicle allowing it to fly
  • Thrusters were synced up to auto balance/correct your position while in zero-g so you wouldn’t keep spinning after activating the thrusters
  • You can change the thrusters to have an instant effect or a realistic effect
  • Hitting a certain button in zero-g allowed the ship to keep moving in the direction it was moving in but allowed the ship to spin in place and look around
  • Hitting a certain button while in a environment with gravity would allow you to hover
  • Has a video of some1 flying it on you tube

Sounds useful. But also sounds like it would take out a lot of the fun this game brings with figuring out those mechanics on your own.