Looking for challenge maps.

I recently downloaded a flood invasion map which made me rage a bit since i couldnt climb a ladder but managed to finally… anyway I’m seeking more maps where they spawn waves of mobs, etc and maybe spawn me in with some npcs? I’m looking for large maps. as for the source games i have… i only have team fortress 2, i cant afford any of the others unless theres free source games out there besides tf2. anyway i’d like to play more survival maps that i can use my range of guns and or vehicles…

Also if there is one, a Blacklight retribution map. o.o

Look in the ToyBox. There’s a lot of survival maps & challenge maps.

Do you have Garry’s Mod or just TF2?

Read. He said he only has TF2.

I read. This being Facepunch, I wasn’t sure if he meant TF2 as well as Garry’s Mod.

Download synergy (free mod), then get ‘syn desert strikes’, you start in a dessert, then you invade a base with a bunch of rebels protecting it, you kill them and take their base, after that, you kill wave after wave (10 in total?) of different enemeies :stuck_out_tongue:

There are also a bunch of other maps like this that come with synergy, although most are best played with friends :stuck_out_tongue: