Looking for citizen VTFs

Can someone tell me where to find the VTF files for the citizens? I’ve searched the site and looked for them in my GCF files but I can’t seem to find them. Can someone tell me if they are in a certain place in the folders or if there is somewhere I can download them.

I think theyre in the GFC file Source Materials.

Open that, then go to root>hl2>models>humans and then anyone of the 3 sub folders, Male, Female and Corpse.

I hope thats where theyre?

That was it, thanks.

EDIT: Another question though, if I extract the material for the model, how do I know the model that matches it so I could upload it? None of the models have the same labels as the skins.

You have to look through the models and check the names of their skins with a hex editor, until you find the one you want.