Looking for clan/group to play with

Been playing solo or with 3/4 players for a while and it’s been alright, but I want more action. Right now I’m looking for a active and mature clan with at least 5+ players, the more the better.

I have pretty decent aim and know the game inside and out.

No one?

Send me an add on steam Goatypoaty4

Hey guys. Check out nwoclan.org - We play tons of RUST and are active all the time! We would love to play with you guys!

WolfPack is currantly recruiting for our RUST division, we have our own forums, our own rust server and our own teamspeak channel. You must be over the age of 16 and be able to join us on teamspeak. If you would like to join or just want more infomation about WolfPack pm me on steam or jump on teamspeak and poke someone in the rust division channel.
teamspeak ip no password

steam id: {WFPK}volkano1984 or [WFPK] Darkeer for further information…

I’m up to play. Need some people to play with. I’m good at the game, but skill won’t help when there is only me against 5 kevlars. Add me on Steam: Nebulonic