Looking for clan to build and have fun with.

Currently Bored of my server i am on and the lack of people. My friends have stopped playing to do other games but I am still hooked on rust. If a clan (3+ People) is looking for another person to team up with i would love to play with them and contribute to their goals.

Things about me:
100+ Rust Hours
Favorite Weapons are MP5’s and Bow and arrow
Excellent farmer
Previous server i have aquired solo all the materials to construct a metal home
Aquired solo all the kevlar pieces
I love raiding people and watching the tears flow on chat
I am an active daily player
Shrek is love Shrek is life




I welcome you to our humble home. :slight_smile:

Thanks! i will be on in a few hours just at work atm.

Awesome! Take your time :slight_smile:

What’s your steam ID i’l add you.

join the hassyhaskells appreciation clan, we play all the time :wink:

[US] Legion Gaming | (PvP/Sleep) | Instacraft | Noob Friendly

We pride ourselves on NO admin abuse. We have two ACTIVE admins who watch very closely.

We have a steady population of 30+ and growing fast!

Everyone is welcome.

-75 slot

Server -

TS -