Looking for clan to play with

TL;DR: Looking for clan. Has teamspeak, skype, and obviously steam and rust. Was previously VAC banned but am no longer doing anything to get me banned. Is a good shot and good resource gatherer and knows way around the game. Is 16 years old and has experience from previous clans. Has knowledge leading clans and strategy usage. Add me if interested (Steam profile is in the middle of the below full text. Please read the full text if you have time and are interested in having someone added into your clan)

Hey guys!

I’ve seen posts about people asking this question before but all the people who replied to said posts are no longer available.

I’m looking for a clan that has 5+ rust players, who are preferably over 15 and can play rust well. if you’re casual and don’t mind someone who can’t be on every day then I’m your guy.

I have a mic, teamspeak, skype, etc.

I am a good shot (can nail headshots with a P250 on a moving target from afar), I am fairly trained in tactics and am pretty deadly when I have a wingman (Someone to cover my back while I am attacking people ahead of us and that can cover me when I rush and change cover).

I’ve played rust for almost a year now, I’ve had it since webplayer days (and if you don’t know about that then it was when rust was so young that it was played online instead of downloading and playing from computer-- they stopped this more or less 6 months ago)

I played rust almost every day for at least 5 hours every day, but since that isn’t really gauged, I’ll show you my steam accounts.

I say accounts because…

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010016901/ (ADD THIS ONE IF YOU’RE OK WITH ME JOINING)

Those are both me, and the first one is my primary account. I was in fact VAC banned from rust, I admit to that, and I bought another copy of rust. If you’re wondering the grounds of my ban, it was because I was using cheat engine because I was bored and had spare money to buy a second copy, and started messing with the values in game, seeing what affected your position and whatnot.

I am telling you this because I’d rather not be accused of hiding stuff, and if you’re going to be here and rant on how I was a hacker and I am hacking, I can tell you that I don’t mess around in cheat engine or with mods anymore (the first VAC ban was from MW2 from using a mod that makes you the lobby owner and lets you run custom gamemods like gungame-- that’s the only reason I got it, and the reason I was banned. Yes they actually ban for that).

If someone doesn’t want me on their clan because I was VAC banned, then they don’t have an obligation to be here. I am here for clans that don’t mind people who were but no longer are taking risks with their accounts.

I am looking for clans right now, but I am currently on vacation and am very busy with such, so I would only be able to play for a few hours on most weekdays and sometimes weekends. I will be much more active toward August-September time.

So some stuff about me:
-My real name is Jay (abbreviation for Junior / Jr.)
-I am 16 years old, and have a very deep voice (I was the announcer for a gmod community some time back if that counts for anything)
-I am quite deadly with P250’s, MP5’s and M4s, granted the automatics have holo sights. I can use the P250 with or without holosight. I can operate an M4 quite well w/o holo sight and arguably better.
-I can gather resources fairly fast.
-I know how to utilize strategy (if your clan knows how to keep formations and whatnot I was the strategist for a couple clans I was previously in)
-I know my way around the map.
-I know good places to hunt, loot, gather, and build bases in.

If you’re wondering about my previous clans, for privacy purposes I am not listing their names here but I would tell you specifics in private. I’ve been in at least 5 different clans, and have only been truly kicked out of 1 because I was a noob and just bought Rust. The rest I either left for one reason or another, or the clan disbanded.

If you have any questions or want to interview me or something, please add me.

I am here asking because all the recently posting clans seem to have closed recruitment or are no longer playing rust or disbanded.

Thanks for your time.


Too long to read everything … ill reply to the title.
… but just walk around a server and say HI! to people, you will meet new people and if they dont like you at the begining they might just shoot you and walk away.
The othet day i met the first guy in this new server say hi, his friend came around they invited me to join them, in 10 minutea in the server i had access to this guys house, was on their teamspeak, started to build my own one and our group and allies was like 15/20 people.
I like that last bit … you make people aware of how you like … not my type! :slight_smile:

But the tl;dr… and I already tries that at least 10 times. Either I was shot in the face or ignored.

I guess im better at dealing with the public … i have plenty of practice actually!
But anyway, im 33 and the quiet/relaxed type, maybe that helps.
I just make frienda and aliies quiet easily, i dont know what to tell you, just help people, pick a area in the map and get to know the neighbours, help them if they need, give them some stuff, what ever.
3 of us helped the strongest guys (only 4 of them) ina server once, as i met them before hand and help them searching and fighting for some bandits and after we raided the bandits house together my team left this guys house with all kevlar m4 explosives and c4 researched, we had nothing untill then, they lend us the guns to raid this guys, LOL!
I really dont know what to tell you to help you.
But wish you luck and try no to be so excited, at least sound more mature i would say.

Yeah once I get a group and base going I tend to KOS unless you can get a good sized base going before I can drive you out.

I kind of worded that wrong… its not really that I et “excited” as much as that I tend to keep tight tabs on events. Like if I hear shots I would yell at someone for not calling their shots if we agreed to call shots. Or if someone died then I would get yelly at them for a moment if they died in a really stupid way or died because of a stupid decision. But other then that I don’t get hella pumped for raids and start begging to go if that’s what you meant.

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*thought I meant

… make friends with the neighbours and KOS and raid/attack away from home!

Can’t because they are hostile regardless. I don’t like outsiders knowing my location anyway in most . Nonetheless I’m here for a clan that is recruiting, not some group of guys who just happen to build near me.