Looking for Clockwork coder (HL2RP Schema - custom gamemode)


I’m looking for someone who is able to code in Clockwork HL2RP. We are planning to make a Fantasy Roleplay (Elves 'n stuff ^^). We’ve got everything planned, all we need now is a coder.

If you are one or know someone who can code for us, please add me on Steam [ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022360715/ ] or add my friend [http://steamcommunity.com/id/vysasi/ ].

We’ve got big plans for this gamemode, so please don’t hesitate!

Thanks for the attention, see ya.

It might help if you were to include any form of payment that the coder would receive. Ideas are great and everything, but they’re a dime a dozen. Everyone and their brother has ideas, but not everyone can carry that idea over to a tangible medium and properly implement it. That’s where hard work, ability, and often a fee come in.

You won’t find much help here.

you are not allowed to edit clockwork schemas that you purchase and turn them into something else, you can’t even rename the schema due to cloudauth.

There is a recent change in CloudSixteen that allows you to purchase an “addon” which allows you to rename the schema you’ve already bought (any) and edit it just how you want it.

Quote from C16 store.

But like all C16 products unfortunately, there’s a price for this “addon”…
I would personally, as you’re starting to create a gamemode/schema from bottom, use Nutscript. It’s good and free :slight_smile:

Pay to change a variable!