Looking for co-owner to help build & run Rolepay 32player slot server.

Looking for a 1-2 people to help build and maintain a 32player slot roleplay server. the server has already been brought and payed for now i just need someone experienced and good to help get it going, ive already made a start on it my im looking to improve it vastly and need some assistance for someone who knows there stuff. you will be grandted co-ownership and super admin in the server and forums. and no you dont have to put any money towards it if you dont wish so. James Moore. Steam username - darj1282

Will it be dark rp?

uh double posted?

It is currently Darkrp but im looking more along the lines of applejack or cityrp now.

Cool Man

If it’s going to be DarkRP, i might help. Accept friend reuest on STEAM.


i can help, i have a server like what you are looking for. talk to me on steam

I like how you bumped a thread from January asking for a service, in March. Good job sir.

I love how you dont know i know him! , i was just posting on FP to tell people i can help him!.. KKthxBIA!

And why would we be interested in knowing this?

If you want to help him, and you got him on steam, TALK WITH HIM THERE.
Don’t bump month old threads, especially with information or messages that nobody else is at all interested in or may find of use.