LOOKING FOR: COD: Ghosts Humvee

Like the title says, I’m looking for the Humvee model featured on at least one of the MP maps in CoD Ghosts (High Octane I believe)


Before you say anything: No, it is not the same model as in the modern warfare series. Yes, I did look at the raw vehicle file packs uploaded some time ago but it’s not in there. So if anyone could perhaps take a look if they can find it, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re requesting something, don’t put RELEASE as the post icon.

Aww man I thought this was a release.

It only appears in one single MP map (Octane), and it isn’t very good.

If the person who extracted all the other stuff only got stuff from singleplayer, then that’s probably wasn’t in that big vehicle pack.

Link to DOWNLOAD http://p3dm.ru/files/5182_humvee-.html


Yea, I totally did that on purpose, not because I might have made a mistake or something.

Oh well, now it’s a clickbait. Do I care? Not at all. Actually kinda funny.

Really? Thought it looked better than the older IW Humvees. I mean sure, it could need interior work but I thought it may be nice base mesh.

@medwed: well yea, kinda the one I want, but this is not the Ghosts model. Quality seems solid though, I’ll check it out.

It is better than the IW humvees, but that isn’t really saying much.

It’s nice and high-res but it’s lacking a lot of detail and the textures are kind of flat.

Yea, but this is pretty much what I am looking for. Most game models of the Humvee look to “dirty” or “rusty”, whatever… This one seems to be nice to start working on. Like I said, I’d like to have it as a base mesh to further improve it. I’d take the Battlefield model, but I can’t get a nice looking flat desert paintjob for that one.

Are you fucking kidding?

You know, people will click on this, yeah, but none of them will help you mate.

Like, at least try to hide the fact that you are an idiot

…man, and I’m always looking for new Humvees to collect. What a letdown

Much rather an idiot than a total dick really. I suppose you’ve never made a mistake?

Could have been fixed by letting you edit the icon, but you can’t. So hey, it is like it is. Also, by replying you literally bumped this up for more people to see. Now, I don’t have a problem with that, but in a way you lured more people into this thread.

Release and Request are so far away from each other in the list it’s pretty obvious you’re bullshitting.

Quite honestly, why would I do that? I have made request and release threads before and no shit, I mixed them up once before. It’s amazing how toxic this community is that all people immediately assume the worst of intentions here.

“Toxic community” because we’re picking up on and pointing out bullshit? Yeah righto buddy.

No, because you’re too dumb to realize people make mistakes every now and then.

Pretty obvious it isn’t a mistake though.

Both icons are blue with white font, they’re almost next to each other and not “far away from each other”.

Once again, why would I do that? I have provided models and help to get models before, why whould I do this on purpose now?

See, that’s what I mean. Can’t get your head around the fact that some people don’t always bullshit.

I agree guys, I mean, come on, take a look for yourself:

Finally someone who understands me.