Looking for coder for PERP


We at Underworld Gaming are in search of a Lua coder who can help us with some modifications to the gamemode PERP which we are hosting on our servers. Some of the modifications we will need include but are not limited to the following.
>Modifications to the vehicle editing NPC and changing its layout
>We want the “F2” menu the primary inventory menu changed to the “q” key
>Add more content to the gamemode in general including but not limited to: props, guns, items, drugs, etc
>A Donation NPC + Menu designed to our requirements (will discuss more if you contact me)
>A leveling system with a visible experience bar at the bottom of the screen (not like perps xp system, will discuss further if you contact me)

For payment we are pretty open to discussing this weather it be in game items, some sort of VIP status, actual money, etc.

To contact just add “Bobobfoxy123” on steam.

Thank you for your time.

Is it that hard looking on facepunch for 2 seconds before posting. These PERP threads are getting annoying.?