looking for coder paying US Dollars :)


What is the range you’re willing to pay, some people definition of ‘based on quality’ is ‘I excpect it to be exactly like I envisioned even though I told you something different’.

If I took everyone of these offers, I’d still be poor. (Waaay too lazy to even work for money, rather run my servers.)

But lemme tell you that, if you don’t learn now, even with a fully complete gamemode, 1 update from Newman might break it, and than you can go cry in a corner when you gotta shed $100.00 USD again. Just look through the gamemode, it’ll come to you soon, but I can offer some help.

MyHelp: DarkRP aint meant for a RPG style game, it’s Deathmatch.

Well Jaastin, you make a very good point! thats why I want the coder to be avaible on skype or steam so I can contact him later and he can fix it or maybe develop for me later.

I offer 50 US dollars :slight_smile: price can be discussed.

With fifty bucks you ain’t going nowhere. Fifty would maybe get you a BASIC level system with no HUD based off of time played

I can do this, but I’d like to discuss the price abit. What’s your steam?

My community name is epheex, profile name Drewbie :wink: try epheex first. I said price can be discussed :wink: but Im home from work around 19.30 .

Hmm. I’m not ready for such thing. But when I know A little more I would do it for 10 bucks.

On vacation n for a few days but add me on steam. I can do this.

I have quite a bit of experience with DarkRP, I could do this for you and more

Tip: don’t(King Flawless terms: Do not) post if you have no experience.