Looking For Coder/Staff!

Hello all! Let me First Inform you what is all going on right now. I Founded this Org On Hellzones Perp Server Awhile Back, One day we got talking and I was like, We should make a perp server, This server always crashes and the admins are abusive. So long story short, We got one, I had a friend who was a coder and we got the server looking pretty nice, But today I found Out he Can’t code for us for awhile! His Grandpa had a stroke, and he has to put family first! So i am stuck with a 40$ a month VPS. I am looking for a Coder that can do like everything, I will give them A Super Admin Rank and Maybe more! I am Completely Retarded with this, but I am willing to learn! I will also be looking for good staff to! You can post below or Email me at Blakefrank@ymail.com … I hope Someone can help me!

Don’t pick staff just because they can write a forum post, your community will be shit, your admins will abuse their powers, and nobody will visit the server.

Yes, I know that, They would have to prove themself, This is more of a place for them to get there foot in the door. But the Coder I really need, But also needs to be Trusted.

I’ve told this to many people, and again, coder’s don’t want to be a staff member on a random PERP server or a DarkRP server, all they want is money. But, if a coder does come along and helps you out (which is really rare), then you got lucky…

Let me show you the door.