Looking for coders to my gmod server

Hello i’m looking for 2 good coders for my gmod server the gamemode is darkrp and map is Rp_Downtown_v4c_v3 and it is a hole brand new server so of u wanna be my coder for my darkrp server then pm me with ur steam name and Skype name of u have one

Is there any insentive at all…lol

  1. People generally aren’t interested in sticking to one community

  2. No one’s going to do it for free

  3. If you do, however, have money, check out coderhire.com where you can post Gmod related jobs that you would like done

Are you willing to pay coders? and don’t say “I’ll pay you be giving you administrator/co-owner on my server”, if not I doubt you’ll have any luck finding someone willing on here, Dark RP Is incredibly simple and well documented so I doubt you’ll have a hard time creating a server for it if you just take the time out to read the wiki for it, if you’re interested in hiring a coder to create custom scripts for you, visit coderhire.

The coder will get 25% off all donates ps i also got an prop hunt server and ppl are donating to that some times and u will also get 25% from that

Coders require a lot more than that. It’s just like a work, it’s like being disrespectful when you provide this like “25% of donations” when an server gets 10$ a week, it’s stupid, and not worth anything for a coder.

Benjamin add ratzow3 at steam

Rethink that: you’re saying that your coder will get 25% off all purchases they make on the server they’re writing code for :v:

It’s like telling your employees that instead of getting paid, they’ll get a discount off of anything in the company gift shop


Yeah, you’re gonna have to pay coders if you want them to work for you.

As long as you got paid a little something in advance, getting a cut of the community proceeds wouldn’t be that bad. I mean, I’d be willing to do like 10 hours of work for $50 and 25% of all future proceeds – especially since almost all servers would be considered sole proprietorship and it wouldn’t be that hard to word the contract in a way that gives you the money from any future servers they make.

Imagine, after a year or so you’re getting 25% of all donations from potentially hundreds of different servers.

No, he’s saying that if you code for him you’ll get a 25% discount when you purchase VIP.

Waaaait a second, when he said “you will get 25% off all donates” did he mean “of?” Huge difference there :v:

It is of all donates so from all server every time someone donate or buy rank or Money or something like that then the coder will get 25% of all the Money i will recive on the donates get it?

so if you make 10 dollars from donations, $2.50 really doesnt get anywhere. even if it was $50, $12.50 really won’t do much. There is a chance of 1/275 chance of someone willing to help you with no pay. (by 275, i mean the 275th person to read this thread might do it for free)

I can’t understand what you’re saying

Across all servers, you get 25% of all donations on those servers (Basically in all 25% of donations of the community)

Well shit, that’s nothing.

An average coder would charge at least $50 for most jobs. 25% of donations would be worth less than a penny to a homeless.

Well that depends. If they have a high donation rate like some popular communities (Which can sometimes make thousands of dollars apparently), then it might be good. In this case, probably not.

If he just started a community up, maybe $40 from donations in the 1st month but then there is server monthly fees…

You need to pay coders depending on the code, if it’s a small code, something like a job fix, or something, you can pay them around $5, or more, I’m unsure, If it’s like, a big code, something like, re-making a HUD, GUI, And F4 Menu, you’re going to have to pay around $20-$30 Dollars.