Looking for coders!

Hello, I am looking for a coder to help me with a garrys mod server. The server is new, and called Ebonheart, we have our own website - www.ebonheart.com

At the minute we only have two coders, and things are going slow as we aren’t the best coders around, think you can help? Add me on steam: iGuybrush.


ok i’ll know almost nothing of lua (I made a gun), but i think i’ll help ya
i wont charge you tho i am up only for the experience

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that was a serious post, i don’t know too much but I won’t charge you

Ok, sounds like you could help. Add me on steam?

You should explain what you want to be coded in the OP.

(Keep in mind, no coder really wants “superadmin” or “tons of in-game money” if you’re going to hire them)

Just give us some info so we have something to work off of :smiley:

Coders do join communities though, I know plenty of coders who fail to run large communities so they join ones and co-exist, they live happily ever after and eat fairy cakes every weekend.

I’m good with Lua add me thegrimreaper584

James xX Lol, Just Lol…