looking for coders $$$

hey guys, im looking for coders for my server. to help make custom jobs, shipments, all that good stuff… i mean im not asking anything ADVANCED… but i mean this will not be free… i will provide you with money… but i dont want some random guy just saying he can code i want to see some work first.
thanks guys!
btw PM me and i will give you my steam info and you can add me, and we will talk!
thanks in advance.

Hey, i know alot about PERP, And DarkRP, So add me and i will code somthing for you a hud A good one, Well add me on steam: css8660

Your on HackForums, and used to be on coldfire forums.
Get out.
I will code for money, I made a couple of things before, but before we do business, I have to say this.
Don’t you ever fuck me, anal or in any way.
Add me on steam, tazy4tazy

you cant code tazy. anyone else?

Give me your steam name and we can talk about it.

alright i messaged u! reply

hakop, add soulofdivinity on steam, if you need more help.

why do people not get banned for this!!!

You post in the Hiring Thread!!!

I get banned for misleading title and you get away with wrong section?

its not hiring. its for help. im asking for help to code. please its none of your business unless you are coding. thanks
EDIT: i still need people ! :confused: i will be paying well

Camcole, let the moderators deside that. Hakop, I’ve been coding a lot of shipments, jobs etc. (A long time ago tho, but I still know most of it) just if you need help PM me.

If interested, add me.