Looking for collaborators for Fast-Paced Skill-based movement Melee team deathmatch in s&box

I’m planning on creating a s&box melee death-match game-mode with skill based movement like in quake or source 2004 however there will be multiple classes each with their own additional movement techniques and skills. The idea is to create a melee combat death-match mode with similar fast paced action to fight scenes in anime. The players will not use playermodels instead sprites will be attached to the player’s rig to create 2D characters in the 3D game environment, the sprites will swap out and move relative to each other as the camera moves for the illusion of 3D, while still maintaining a 2D look. If anyone has experience with japanese-style 2D artwork (i’m not very artistic), experience with non-photorealistic shaders (I don’t have much experience with shader coding), or experience with coding sprite-puppeteering software and is interested, please DM me on discord (ILOVEPIE#9201). My end goal is to create a functioning deathmatch gamemode that can be used as a proof of concept for turning this into a full game. (I don’t have a key so we’ll have to just work on the puppeteering code, shaders or artwork for now).


sounds awesome!

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This sounds crazy fun!

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