Looking for competition (6-9 players)

I’m running a completey Vanilla server, and spend all of my time moderating it against hackers. As part of providing a healthy environment, I’m trying to balance groups out. There is a very large group of players, around 9, who are reigning relatively unchecked.

If you have a group of 6-9 players and would like to try and take them out, I’ll provide you with names and the server information. The server was wiped last 2/23 and they have about a 12 hour head start on you, and are fairly good. They’ve been terrorizing most of the server, and quite a few people quit because of them. I don’t want to ask them to split up or ask them to leave, so this is my only reasonable solution.


Add me on steam if you would like further information.

Let me talk to my guys, did the patch wipe servers today?

It did not.

This topic is more for the server section.

PM me the list of names

If it is, I’m sorry. I’m forumily impaired.

I honestly can’t find a PM function on this forum. If you hop on the server I can add you and give you their general location. I don’t want to sick anyone on them directly as I don’t want to have direct interference.

Open his profile and look at the left side.
The user must have PM’s activated.

I don’t see it, so I guess he doesn’t have them on.