Looking for Custom RP gamemode builder for my server in return you will be an admin

Looking for someone to build a custome RP gamemode for my server i already have one with darkRP but i want a custome one now similar to Applejack if you know of this server, in return you will be a adminastrater in the server and in the forums and you wont have to pay for no cost since i fund the server. if you a have any questions please get back to me on the forum here or on steam - darj1282

I have a question, are you 7?

no im 19 actually. im just a noob with cash when it comes to building custome gamemdes for RP

its Custom not Custome

Also, try posting this in the LUA section

Lol you are not 19 lol

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January 2011
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7 posts :open_mouth: 7 posts + 7 years old / 2 = 7 :open_mouth: THIS CAN’T BE TRUE!