Looking for DarkRP Co-Owner

Hello, i am looking for a Co-Owner for a DarkRP requirements;

Must have knowledge on DarkRP servers (rules, sitting, ECT!)
Must have knowledge on server side (Addons, Configs,LUA , ECT)
Must Be Active
Must have some sort of VOIP (TS3, Skype)

Post Below if your interested

I would like some more information upon your request.

What infomation would you like to know ?

What host, donations, etc etc… Stuff that a “Co-Owner” would need to know.

Dedicated host, donations will be reinvested and then split we are going to build up a community so more servers will be added you got skype ?

Yes I do. It is -REMOVE-.

How cute, a blue convosation in the wrong thread…

also It’s Lua, so even the owner doesnt know what he’s talking about.