Looking for DarkRP server to be staff on

Ok so I am a person with LOTS of DarkRP scripts and am looking for a server that is in need of a admin or super admin or anything! I am an excellent person with staff applications, handling players, etc… I would love to help out anyone that needs me! Let me know if you want me. I won’t charge at all. I just really want to help out, and make sure we have a great gaming experience. If I’m in the wrong area for this thread if you could give me a friendly message, and not ban me I would appreciate it! Thanks

I have some custom made, and some I purchased from script fodder

How’s that any different…?

Show us a custom one.

Add me on steam and I’ll show you

Your steam link doesn’t even work.

Here is his actual steam. He has a massive 150+ hours on Garry’s Mod, and doesn’t know how to properly paste a community id into Facepunch.

Are you fuckin’ kidding me with this one? xD

This is sketchy on so many levels… Your hours, your scripts, offering to be staff for random servers, etc

Even if you bought those which I doubt you did. Sharing addons you bought is not allowed.

Are you the guy who kept making ScriptFodder posts saying you were offering admin services, despite the job repeatedily being deleted

do u have hera v6 with dll leeked frm tyleR?, i wil let u be staf on mi sever, i wnt steel yur scriptz i promis

I’m willing to let you in my staff if you like?
Add me on steam :slight_smile: or skype and say in the friend request DarkRP : dedsirxkiller

You are kidding…

xD Haha no, just searching for some players on my server