Looking for decent Zombie S/NPCS

Hello. I’ve been wanting and planning to make a Zombie Machinima Film/Series and I have been lacking one thing that is extremely needed. Zombies. Now before you go and say “Oh this machinima will suck it will just be male_07 shooting zombies on gm_flatgrass” No. I just need the NPC’s because it’s the easiest and the only way to my knowledge, to implement them. The ones that really interest me and that I want to get ahold of, are the ones used in Severance or Epidemic, but I don’t think they will release them. I found these, but It bugs me how they all are wearing the same outfit. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=57236 Not sure if the models differ from normal citizen’s, otherwise I could just find some citizen zombie models, and use MM to change them. I hope I just didn’t solve my problem. If anyone has anything else that might be of use to me, I’d appreciate it if you could help.

Do you want headcrabless zombies?

Cause i have two options for you:
Option 1:

  1. Download citizen zombie model pack:

  2. Model manipulate them onto dans snpc pack zombies, which is pretty much the exact same as severances, and use those, although you will probably have to audio edit them because their sounds can be heard from quite a ways in a map (almost throughout the entire gm_bigcity map), but i could help you with this free of charge just you include me in the credits. Dans snpc pack Final:

Option 2:

  1. download headcrabless snpcs (does not replace normal headcrab zombies):

  2. download these:

  3. Use model manipulator on the headcrabless zombies.

And last, if you would like a partner count me in. I have Adobe After Effects CS5, Vegas Pro 10, Action Essentials, WeGame, and a great running computer.

E-mail and etc. on my facepunch profile page

Thanks. This really helped out a lot and found some other good stuff as well. I could use some help, but mostly just with the Source SDK faceposer. It won’t work, and I believe Vista is to blame. I have all that other good stuff, and I will be recording with Source Recorder. Only things I need are as I said, Faceposer, and voice actors. Possibly a good intro using After Effects or Vegas. I could try my hand at it, but I want something unique, not the blank background gradient and words. Something that shows the scenery, and some of the setting, while giving details on the back-story of what happened. As for the said story, I currently have a close friend who is working on the script.

Well i havent done much faceposer but i will do some work on it. And if you want me to do the intro i will need the background story. Also, will there need to be any custom models? like for main protagonist/antagonist? Cause i might have someone who can help. Also, I can do good voice acting if needed.

Now thinking about it, I can handle the intro. I could do the faceposer as well, but any help threads that I’ve seen on the problem are left unanswered. So if you could, I need some faceposing work, along with realistic facial gestures depending on their mood. I will include a .txt describing their attitude, and what gesture they would have on their face. You could probably figure out with the audio itself though. Anyways, I will inlude a .txt of info with every .wav file I send.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwjNBrRfRWA - Gives some info on what you need for it to work, and for a refresh if you need it.

When we get to a good spot on the script, We will start getting some voice acting in. If possible, could I get a sample of your work so I could get a reference of which character to use it on, and what model.

EDIT: I fixed the Face Poser problem. I am very happy now.