Looking for Dedicated/Executive LUA Coder for TTT.

  1. Server is literally just born.
  2. You will receive Owner rank automatically.
  3. You will receive 50% of ANY donations made to the server in the future.
  4. You must NOT be lazy.
  5. You must obviously be able to code LUA, Fluently.
  6. Must be able to speak proper English, if you own a microphone +1.
  7. For the love of god, don’t be a troll or a 12 year old immature brat.
  8. You must understand that i may ask you to do things that aren’t related to coding, and at some point in your free time, must be completed.
  9. Must be open with ideas to help the servers appeal.
  10. Must have administration experience.

Contact me VIA Steam, Pawnage224.

I am wanting to build a small community.

Number 2 implies that that is the only form of payment ( donations aren’t payment, they are rewards ). Your post seems very negative.


Pay people NOW. I don’t think anyone is going to want to choose donations instead of payment.

Look James, if all your worried about is payment, get the fuck out. I didn’t say anything about you getting specifically paid. 50% of donations goes to the executive from the kindness of me. Not everyone codes for money. It’s just TTT, all i need is someone to create weapons.

If all your concerned about is money, don’t reply.

The only person here that’s negative is you James, pfft only worried about money. Please…

Erh… Yeah, people would prefer to be coding for money. Also not being lazy is impossible! It is what makes us human. Also you arent really selling yourself here.

I don’t want to sell myself. You guys look at everything wrong. Heres all i want.

A LUA coder. The pay you will recieve is just a token of your work. A.K.A. Me being nice. I don’t need to sell myself for a LUA coder. You gain nothing if you don’t code to get it.

People , when coding for someone on request , take time and effort into making something. You’re saying they don’t deserve any “official” form of payment, but instead some donations ( that might not even happen ) as a token of your kindness? Correct me if i’m getting the wrong side of the stick, but you fail to understand that now-a-days, not everyone will become dedicated to something for free , especially if it involves work ( Of course this does depend on the nature of the work itself, take charity as an example ).

In conclusion : If you don’t pay anything, what you get is usually not worth keeping anyway.

I’m not going to pay someone every month just to create a few weapons, that would be dumb.

If you want someone to make something for you but give nothing in return and practically demand it, learn how to code LUA yourself and do your own stuff rather than getting others to do it for you.

I would code for you because you’re not another prepube asking to make teams for his darkrp server However I’m on the other side of the world and the timezone difference will be a complete mindfuck.

I wish you good luck sir.

Hiring a coder just for weapons?

^ Exactly. But if you can do GUI +2

And timezone doesn’t really matter to me. I have many many friends in +10 and im -8 GMT. I can keep up with you don’t worry.

That’s only a 4 hour difference.

Couldn’t you just learn some simple lua and how to edit variables?
Making SWEPs are too hard. Remember when I started, looking up functions via the wiki and learning how to use them. So you get a weapon ( eventually ) and learn.

Lol, did you Really not notice the minus and the plus?

It’s an 18 hour difference.

Switching to Vanilla until LUA Coder is found. Then i may consider buying another server.

You can get another server but can’t pay us?

[http://ttt.badking.net/custom-weapon-guide](Read up son)
Read up son. Cause people won’t wanna do it unless you pay.

I could teach a first grader to make TTT sweps, Shouldn’t be too hard for you.

Lol, This is ancient. I added you for the sake of it.

If you knew it’s ancient, Why on Earth did you post?