Looking for dedicated, hard-working modelers/skinners


[GM] is currently recruiting modelers and skinners!

What kind of modeling/skinning work do you need done?
Mostly custom props (as part of the upcoming map) but also playermodels.

How much experience do we need?
We don’t require much of you, all you need to know is how to model/skin simple props. If you don’t know how to make playermodels then the solution is simple, learn. In our team, teamwork is very important; so don’t worry about feeling left out or getting no help with learning.

What will we get in return?
We are not paying you if that’s what you’re asking. If you are not an admin, you will receive respected user (tooltrust, phystrust; special rank on the forums + special rank image, reserved slot and more).
You will get to be part of a great team where everyone’s work is appreciated, respected and encouraged. We make sure that everyone stays motivated and we always try our best to give you fresh ideas on what to work on. As along as you are doing work for [GM] you get to keep respected user.

I have a question, where should I post it?
It depends on what the question is, if it’s about recruitment in general please post it in the recruitment thread. If it’s about [GM] in general, please post it in the official [GM] thread. If it has something to do with modeling/skinning, post it in this thread.

By applying you agree to the following terms

  1. You will abide by the rules just like everyone else
  2. You will abide by the code of conduct, be kind
  3. You will have the [GM] tag before your nickname on steam
  4. You will not disclose confidential information (things known to the team only) to anyone.
  5. You will not share any of the [GM] content (the maps, the scripts etc) without permission
  6. The work that you do for [GM] essentially becomes property of [GM], you will receive credit for it but it belongs to [GM].

If you want any further information regarding [GM], please read:

If you want to read more about recruitment, please read:

Thread Rules

  1. No trolling
  2. No flaming
  3. If you are going to criticize, be constructive!
  4. Stay on topic

What kinda of props can a modeler expect?

The props that we need done are going to be part of our new map. Mostly ancient tables etc but it is very possible that playermodels would need to be made as well. We do not require you to know how to make playermodels though, only simple props.

Yeah, I can do the props. no playermodels though.

Great! I’ll send you a pm regarding your application right away.

This post is a bump but also a notification. We are still looking for modelers (we’ve got a few now, but the more the merrier).

We constantly recruit team members so don’t be afraid to apply.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask!

Hi there everyone! In the coming weeks we will hopefully have our new RLRP servers up and running, but we need your help! We are in great need of people who know how to create playermodels (and/or add animations to models).

On another note
[GM] has changed quite a lot since this thread was created, please visit our new site http://www.gmservers.co.uk for more information!