Looking for Dedicated LUA Coder - Paying

Looking for a experienced LUA Coder

Contact me on steam and we will talk about payments.

Nobody wants to enter wild goose chase; give a rough price and what type of project you are looking at as different coders have different preferred projects. Also, use the hire thread next time.

Thats the problem. I do not have a set price. I was thinking of Co-Owner [Servers Get Pop Fast soo…] I just need some basic/adv stuff done

No one is gonna do that for that lol

Also I was willing to give some money.

How much, I would do it for some money if you dropped the co-owner; why would I want to be payed with more work…

Add me on steam and tell me what you want. Maybe I can help you for free because I have to practice somehow.

I tried to contact you the whole day. I know you were online, and I know you were on a TTT server but you didn’t accept my invitation the whole day. If you still need help just add me on steam.