Looking for DEDICATED Lua scripters and animators, possible pay!

I have no idea where I should put this. So I’m posting it in Help & Support, because I do need help.

I am looking for dedicated LUA scriptwriters, for an RP community. (I am posting this for a friend, because he doesn’t know where to go and he has no goddamn clue what to do, for he has a shitty gamemode for RP scripting.) We also need animators. You will get FTP access, along with leadership in this community. We desperately need help, we have little to no LUA scripting knowledge, and well, my friend doesn’t want to code. That is why we need scriptwriters and animators. I don’t really care what you say, because it’s not my community it’s a friends. Go ahead, flame me for posting this. Its just that we need dire help. Please, use this to fill out your résumé.
How long have you been LUA scripting?: Question is simple.
What can you do?(Animating, Game mode scripting?): What will you be able to offer to us?
Can you roleplay?: You don’t have to do this, want to, or whatever. Just asking, because obviously it is a role-playing community.
Could you show us some of your work?: Post some of your work, from facepunch, or any other websites.
Communities you have scripted for, before.: Post them.
Can you speak and type in fluent English, with correct grammar?: Can you?
Do you want pay, and if so, how much?:
Can you update coding when needed?:
We have a dedicated server machine for hosting, but it may be down time to time. If you are interested post here and if you want to talk to me and my friend in private, do not hesitate.
My steam: xariouskanter
My Email: xray3109@live.com

My friends steam: babe_i_can_disco (I lol’d too.)
My friends email: vindy200@yahoo.com
The forums as of now are reapersrp11.proboards.com
We will get a regular domain name and hosting soon enough, as of now we are a relatively new community, so we do have a crappy sub-domain about now. Sorry.
Do not hesitate, we are desperate for help!
Again as I said I have no idea where to put this, please move this to the correct section if it is not!


Again, bump…

Just use another RP Gamemode and change it a bit. If you didnt get a guy with your 3rd bump you aint going to get one.

I don’t think there are many lua coders in the help and support forum. But then I’m not sure where you should ask this.
You could try the Gmod Discussion forum or the Lua forum.

Alright, thank you.