Looking for Dedicated Server Host.

Now before you post links’n’shit i don’t want a single dedicated server i’m looking for a dedicated box.
with a reliable host and not so over-the-top prices. With the neccessary panels installed onit already/comes with it.


Limestone has been the best value and quality provider that I have found so far. It wouldn’t come with a control panel like TCAdmin, but TCAdmin really isn’t very hard to setup.

Limestone are a fine budget provider, I’d read webhostingtalk if you want to know more about a particular provider or if you’re looking for one to fit your needs.

Seconded. Limestone Networks are awesome and they’re quite fast in all of their setup and ticket times. Highly suggested for Dallas, TX.

thanks guys, limestone it is. Now to wait for paypal to enter the funds… fucking slow shit haha

What the, I thought I posted in here about limestone yesterday. :v:

But yea, I rent from limestone also and HIGHLY suggest them.

I found www.ukgame.com pretty good, hosted in London.

Oh I’m not even sure if that’s what you’re looking for I r tired. :frowning:

Nope, nice try.

Got it all setup now with TCAdmin and everything needed…

Now i just need ideas for gamemodes to put on all these servers… if u have a suggestion tell us here