Looking for Developers

Hello! I’m willsage (as you can see) and I recently bought 2 Garrysmod DarkRP servers. A 48 slot and a 24 slot. I am setting up a website and forums (www.battlereadygaming.com) and I am looking for developers. If you are a developer, you need to know how to do the following things:

  1. Know a descent amount of LUA coding

  2. Know how to properly create jobs and modify jobs.

  3. You must know how to add extra gun shipments to the gundealer.

  4. You must know how to use custom models and add them to the jobs (not create them)

  5. You must know allot of the really good DarkRP plugins and addons.

  6. You must know how to add and modify the gamemode folder.

  7. Last of all is a very important one. You must be nice

  8. P.S. You need a mic to communicate better

Thank you for your time. I hope someone reads this and is willing to help out. I am willing to pay you depending on the developer quality you are.

CONTACT me at battlereadygaming@gmail.com for more info and if you are willing. BUT please comment in the forums so I know you sent me the email. May the gaming be with you.

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Keep in mind that my server is brand new.

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Ideas guy?

If only he were a hybrid.

~Well, whatever.

You can send me an email so we can discuss :smiley:

I’ll work for you for no less than $50/hour. Deal?