Looking for existing models of regular people?

So I’ve finished the script for a Garry’s Mod comic that I’m excited to begin working on, and currently I’m matching models to characters. Unfortunately I’ve got more characters than unique models at this point, and so I’m wondering if anyone knows of model packs with average people that have different faces to the typical HL2 citizens (I’ve already assigned characters to them)? Whether they’re in plain citizen clothes or casual clothes (I downloaded that casual citizens pack, which was a great help) doesn’t bother me, I’m just looking for normal people with (even if only slightly) different faces. I edited the children out of my script because it seems that general consensus is that child models should not be in Garry’s Mod, but if there are any of those that would be cool, too. Not asking for anyone to make this stuff (just yet, I’ll ask once I have money to pay with) but I’m just wondering what already exists out there?

Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. I’ve checked Workshop and Google, and maybe I’m not searching the right keywords, but the Casual Citizens pack and the models by the guy who did the MW3 Prague Resistance are about all I have found so far…

I got a bunch of low-quality Asian civilians I can port for you. :v:

Yeah that would be awesome!

A lot of people make what are called personal skins, custom models of people, usually based of themselves. they could be of use to you?

Yes definitely, I’ll have a search around for them. Thanks for that.

Wait, do you need strictly Average Joe civilians or can they be more thug-like?

Cause I got these type of guys, which are pretty much more or less civilians if you don’t mind the tattoos. (which I can remove if you like)

If you need only the kind of people you’d see on a busy sidewalk then I can do those too, but it’ll take a few days.

No they’re awesome! Models like that with a bit of character are awesome. Do you mind if I use them? (I’ll credit you.)

Sure thing man! Here you go. Even if nobody gives a rat’s ass about these guys in the modeling community it’s nice to know that at least some people find them useful for posing and such.

Too bad I’m an idiot and the quality of these ports are mediocre at best.

Hey, i find those Usefull.

Ditto, thanks a heap SergerantJoe, hope you enjoy seeing your models given life as characters on my pages. If you have anything else please do let me know! :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile: