Looking for Experienced Gmod Creator. Will Pay $$ or Promote Work.

Hey Guys,
Angry Joe Here,
I’m looking for an Experience GMod Engineer who can work with me to produce a Gmod based Show. Edit Im not talking anything complicated, im talking about a guy sitting in a chair and lip synced to my wav/mp3 files.

The Angryjoeshow works with the high traffic websites thatguywiththeglasses.com and machinima.com (we can put hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on your work with millions of page views monthly) and we have a new show idea that would utilize Gmod and left 4 dead 2. The guy I work with has primarily done halo machinima’s and apparently is saying that Gmod is having issues on his computer windows 7 and hes unable to get lip synching done.

Our series idea is very simple but requires lip synching and that funny “spazzing out ragdoll” look from time to time on character models.

I’m hoping that there is someone here that would be willing to co-produce and get credit for work with me on this new series. If Successful the series might also generate some pay for the producer (but the position will be 100% volunteer until we see how it performs - we can discuss these kinds of details later)

If your an experienced Gmod’er who has done previous work in the past and would like to work on a series that will have a built in audience, please share an example of your work with me.

My Contact Details: PM me, or Email me Angryjoe@angryjoeshow.com, i’m also on twitter if you use that: www.twitter.com/angryjoeshow

Please only apply if you understand how to work in Gmod and have done successful lip syncing before (examples)
I can send the script (2 minutes of screen time in length) if you need an example to lip sync-up.


For having millions of page views monthly, this is a very unprofessional post, in my opinion.

It doesn’t look necessarily “unprofessional” but I would like a bit more proof its not a scam or something dumb.

The bad quality of grammar makes it unprofessional.

The spazzing out ragdoll thing is insultingly easy to do.

Weld thrusters to each limb, make thrusters invisible, turn thrusters on.

10’er made post with bad grammar…

The Posts Grammar? Really guys? Really? Are we gonna do this now?

Please Get over yourself, English isn’t everyone’s first language.
Why bother posting here if your just going to pick at my post? Move Along.

Are you guys that extremely jaded and rude - Is this a regular thing on facepunch? scams like this? Well i’m truly sorry to hear that. But Our communities are filled with honest good people that help each other out - so much so that I must have for a second thought that it was like this all over the internet and in other forums (how ignorant of me). Excuse me, Apologies.

Now are there any SERIOUS gMod’ers Willing to Work with someone who’s best subject wasnt English Grammar 101 back in school? For Work Promotion, to build their portfolio, and possibly eventually steady pay? [None of them being the asshole’s that posted above]

You’re an '09er…
Why insult him just because he’s just a little bit newer than you?

Don’t be a grammar nazi… especially when you use bad grammar yourself.

Thats why its so awesome :smug:



Can you please post some proof that you are the real Angry Joe?

Sorry to say that but you’re not going to get serious answers, regardless of this being a scam or not

I make gmod movies for a living…just kidding but I do make gmod movies-come check em out here

You lose near enough all recognition for your work when it’s posted on Machinima.com anyway, so getting a tiny bit of recognition for co-producing would meant absolutley nothing tithe drooling masses of machinima.

Eh… Grammar makes people take you more seriously.

i lol’d

Uhm. I was under the impression that next to doing these types of things for fun that gmodders would enjoy the fact that more people would see it and they would get a bit of cash for their efforts.

Im fucking blown away by the response this has gotten here.

Just forget it. I’ll find another way to find gmodders (facepunch isnt what I thought it was).

And just how the hell would I even prove I’m Angry Joe!?!? What the hell ever!

Well, a pretty simple video recording would do that.

Gmod machimina users are known for staying far, far away from the machimina.com contracts, because they don’t actually allow much creativity or freedom. I think two or three directors have had contracts, and have since given them up citing problems regarding the contract (ie lack of things to produce because the contract says they cannot use that etc).

So the idea itself may need to be rethought somewhat, and instead of using machimina.com, maybe either creater your own network, or maybe negotiate a better contract with machimina for Gmod directors.

Also, to the posters above, stop being idiots. He’s just trying to find some help for some of his work, there’s no need to be utter dicks about it.

Well best of luck Angry Joe, sorry we couldn’t help, and yeah the Gmod community doesn’t mix well with Machinima.com.

What there has been
And some small makers.