Looking for feedback on an idea. (Not asking for help coding)

I would like to say first thing that I am pretty new to lua, but am learning. I am also NOT posting this idea asking or begging for anyone to code it for me like most other idea threads I’ve seen. I just want to make that clear before people start flaming me.

My idea is to basically make a Garry’s Mod version of Gotham City Impostors. Honestly, even with my little knowledge of lua, I think this will be pretty easy to do, but I was hoping to get feedback on the idea before I get too far.

For those of you who do not know of the game it’s basically a team vs team deathmatch (and other modes) where batman and joker wannabes fight each other. There are special moves and tricks they can do to add to the fun and uniqueness of it.

I know this idea sounds like every other team vs team gamemode and pretty much a modified version of CS:S, but I personally think it would be fun to take those games and make them a little more goofy I guess you could say.

What do you all think? If it’s stupid then tell me it’s stupid.

Its a long shot, but if you can get it as close as possible, it might be good.

The question is, why? If you already have Gotham City Impostors, why reinvent the wheel?

For people that don’t have it.

If people play yours, what will happen is if they like it, they will buy Gotham City Impostors from their own steam, you should create an original idea to reel people in and not lose them to an impostor.