(Looking for Feedback) What truly draws you pvp'ers to a server?

This type of question has been asked many times before, but times change and so do expectations from those that pvp a lot. I’m truly interested in feedback from the pvp’ing community for what they truly wish a server would have whether you be a small group or larger clan looking for major action.

The reason for my question is that I host a number of game servers for other non-mainstream games and have a personal interest in setting up a pvp focused server for Rust. Rust has really come a long way in the past four months and while there are hundreds of servers out there, I’ve found it difficult to find a well maintained server with the right balance of PVP vs recovery, active players, hacker prevention etc.

Over the past few weeks my group (2 sys admins, a mainframe guy, a CIO, myself and a fucking lawyer) have been testing several configurations out and we think we came up with a magic combination of mods/settings that make PVP awesome without the nightmare recovery time even for large scale pvp. What I’m looking for is feedback on our setup and how to make it better/attract that kind of players. If it works, I’m hoping other servers can take up the model. Basically this is a community driven server from even before it’s launched.


Map & Seed
We found a seed that puts the airport in a centralized location and roads span out in the X formation. This makes travel easy, rad towns and important locations are spread out to allow multiple wars to occur without interference and frankly I’ve never seen map so full of places to build and defend from. We’re also on playrust.io so you can see important locations, and where you and your friends are. Rad towns, monuments, caves, and recent deaths are visible on the map.

Starting Off
We offer a simple, yet powerful kit to first time players. No guns or ammo, but enough to give you a kick start.

Resource Gather and Crafting
We’ve knocked it up by about 5x on Wood and Stone. We also increased the stack size to a more building/recovery total. At the moment, we all seem to agree that insta-craft is what it’s all about to encourage PVP.

Loot Drops and Blueprints
While we do have the BetterLoot mod we only improve loot in rad towns and a slight % increase on blueprints. No, you won’t have people with c4 on the first day. However, we have come up with a way to keep your blueprints post wipe (usually).

Building and Item Degradation
Building deg is off, item is default. We feel that once a month wipe is enough to handle all the buildings.

This one was tossed around until we noticed that pretty much every active pvp server used it. It requires a foundation to set a home, and we plan to set limits on the number per day. One thing we did agree on is that you cannot teleport if you are affected by anything. Bleeding, too Cold… etc. There is also a 10 second wait time to teleport.

Admin Abuse
One thing we learned quickly is no matter what, admins will abuse their power. On this server admins can only kick/ban and teleport.

Every civilization must have some basic rules of conduct to foster it. No Racism and No Hacking. Everything else is allowed. If you are caught being either a racist or a hacker you are banned on not just this server but all servers I run using your SteamID. At this point there are 91,744 SteamID’s on our ban list. Please be aware that if you are in Brazil or anywhere around/near Russia you probably won’t be able to connect. We block those subnets because… well… I don’t think they know how NOT to hack.


Server Events?
Bring in AI?
Want me to do the Truffle Shuffle?

  1. Home teleport is a big plus to me. I play solo and don’t use TP for raiding - just to reduce the running grind.

  2. Good kits is nice. Your setup sounds good. Giving hatchet and some basic clothes is a big plus.

  3. I have no problem with decay, and would prefer a reduced decay rate instead of no decay - because I would rather have less wipes. One server I play on turned off decay for stone, but kept it for wood.

  4. I really dislike high loot if the loot is extreme and guns and rockets are easy to get. BUT I think the best is an increased drop rate from barrels, both in number of items dropped and in quality. For me, the most fun is when you can get items on barrels runs without having to grind hundreds of barrels. So I recommend to make barrels much better than vanilla. Even if you kept low barrel drops for guns and rockets and C4, it would be nice to have lesser items spawn more often than vanilla.

Everything else looks really good. 5x and no racism allowed are nice.

I’m very against teleport. I’ve been looking for a server that DOESN’T have it, and for that reason I won’t play modded. Every damn server has teleport

I know a couple that are slightly modded and don’t have teleport or kits.

They aren’t very active though…

Yes, almost every modded server has it, because most players would rather have teleport instead of wasting hours running without any benefit in the game. Rust maps are big.

I don’t really care why you hate teleport, but want to point out most players like it. I would bet somewhere between 1 out of 10 to 1 out of 20 players don’t want teleport.

“Resource Gather and Crafting
We’ve knocked it up by about 5x on Wood and Stone. We also increased the stack size to a more building/recovery total. At the moment, we all seem to agree that insta-craft is what it’s all about to encourage PVP.”

This is what ruins it for me. the joy of killing people and getting RARE loot is the fun for me. finding someone with huge stacks of wood/stone is always fun. now if we get 5x on wood and stone well i’ll have enough, i don’t need to kill people for it

Insta-craft is okay on servers with higher gather rates. Half craft or no insta-craft is better if you want the server to be closer to vanilla, but not over powered.

Then you have battlefield servers… not Battle Royale… that have all the kits to give you weapons, armor, first aid, etc… Those are pretty much PVP and raiding for sport.

No reason to loot anyone when you can craft it fast, or kit request it.

Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t hear anything that was truly missing so we’ll spin this sucker up post next wipe. Thanks all!

I play on a 2x server that has no TP’s but we only have 12-20 players