Looking for female casual citizens models

I’ve looked on gmod.org and google for female casual citizen models and its hard to find anything viable for what I want to use in the gmod machinima that I want to produce. Can anyone help me fine some fully clothed models?

I’d prefer blond models but at this point anything will do. It would be a plus if the models were both NPCs and player models. I’m trying to make a machinima to make my girlfriend happy.


you can download a skin pack on gmod.org type in citizen skins i think that is the best one we have

I know about the gmod.org skin pack, but I’m looking for something different.

Well, it doesn’t help that you don’t elaborate what that different is.

All stock citizen models are brunettes. I’m looking for blonds in non-blue “standard city 17” clothing. I’m looking for clothing that looks like you would wear around the house or maybe pick up groceries or some other domestic nature.

I’m not looking for nude ragdolls, or “men in futuristic armor” ports. I’m looking for a casual looking blond female player models and NPCs. I would prefer if the model had short sleeves.