Looking for free experienced coder for my dark rp server

I have a dark rp server in dev which i would love an experienced coder to help me with
Thanks in advance Kirbd

My steam is
its the picture of Kirby

  1. Wrong section
  2. Coderhire.com
  3. Experienced coders are definitely not free.
  4. You have no contact information whatsoever
  5. You have 2 posts, nobody will trust you
  6. Grammar
  7. Please leave facepunch

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masterful thread, would read again

lol well it is my first so plz cut me some slack

He means this is the wrong board to post this kind of topic in. Any respectable ‘experienced’ programmer here will require payment of some form - and from how you’re acting, I don’t think anyone will help you now.

Don’t tell people to kill themselves. You’re acting like a kid.

ummm if he’s gonna tall me to leave facepunch on my first day im going to be kinda offended hes the one in the bad here.
BTW there are many experienced coders that do coding for free so yer but anyway have a good day and also lol windows 8?

If there are many experienced coders that do coding for free, why not go find one? you’re not going to get anyone to do it on here.

On the slim, SLIM chance you find someone to do it for free (I study software engineering at college) the likelihood is they’ll take advantage of your lack of coding knowledge and plant something that’ll let them take control of your server. It’s happened before - and probably will happen again.

Just go to coderhire.com, as Ollie suggested, or freelancer.

i bought you a title to suit you ollie

You have to understand facepunch isn’t like some places on the internet that are full of autism, not saying that facepunch is without a decent amount of that but generally competence is held a little higher then ‘lol kill you are self please’. Also, I can tell you that someone who can code probably won’t want to waste time on DarkRP, no offense to you or anyone else, it’s just that DarkRP is DarkRP, I don’t know how else to put it.

If you don’t know how to code yourself, and want someone to help, never expect free help. That’s just how it is, be ready to pay for someone to use their time helping you.

LUA is one of the easiest languages to learn straight off the bat, and it can assist in learning other languages too. Just have a go at learning yourself and save yourself the dignity.

Download notepad++ http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.4.2.html, get this compiler for it: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1215520

Then go through each of the tutorials until you understand what you’re doing. Trust me, you don’t want to be stuck begging others for help forever - I used to do it too until I learned how to code.

Basically, Everything that Hotpocket321 said ^^

My advice to you, Is that you first of all get a decent player base (around 70 members in rotation on your servers), And your community should handle it’s self from there on. I suggest you set up 2 servers: A sandbox, And a gamemode that is just in general, A good laugh (for example: Minigames).

Once you have achieved a respected and recognised community, Coders, And many other talented people will arrive by them selves. Just for now, Focus on getting things started.

A side note on this thread however: Most people on Facepunch dislike most people who have poor grammar, Or in general things that make you look uneducated. Try getting your post count up a little, And gain some respect from members here, And you will get a few offers of help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys but I have tried these tutorials and didn’t really understand the if elseif and else statements they kinda confused me the way the explained it

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ty dingusnin I do have around 20 people in my community base atm and I have custom coded printers with timers on them that my friend made for me and I also have a custom hud and that’s about it

They’re conditional statements, meaning they’ll only do something if something is correct/true. Just take it literally. This statement checks if ‘number’ is 6, but we set it to 5, so it’ll be false.

number = 5
if number == 6
Msg("Number is 6!

Else will do something if it’s not true, so because the number is not 6, this will happen:

Msg("Number is not 6!

You use elseif if you need more than one option, so if you want to check if the number is 5 or 6, you do this:

number = 5
if number == 6
Msg("Number is 6!
elseif number == 5
Msg("Number is 5!
Msg("Number is not 6 or 5.

(excuse me if I’m a little rusty I’m borrowing my python knowledge a bit)

Well, No-one ever said learning a new skill was ever going to be easy, But if you have a compassion for something, It should come on it’s own.
I started leaning Lua by simply going through weapon scripts, Learning what did what, And the effect that it would have if I changed X and Y things.

I suggest you go on garrysmod.org. It may be out-dated for Garry’s Mod, But most things on there are simple, And easy to understand. Once you get your head around the simple things, Go through the Gm12->Gm13 change log, And adapt your knowledge to Gmod13. I know this sounds like you are going an extra mile for nothing, But understanding is the number 1 thing when it comes to coding.

I only suggest you go through Gm12 things, Because for some odd reason, I find it just that bit easier.
You have a whole sever at your disposition. Start messing around on it, And create scripts that give advantages players, And hook them into playing again. If there is no benefit in continuing to play on your server, Chances are, They will stop.

So remember: Read other peoples code, understand it, Extrapolate it, Create your own, And test it on your server, Get a greater player base, And before you know it, You will have a community.


what does local di it says this

Local just means that the variable will only exist within the control structure

but I don’t really understand it

Fixed, Lua does not use indentation for case’s.

whats fixed lua?

Control structures are things like conditional (if, else, elseif) statements, as well as a few others like switches, breaks, loops (for, while, do). Local basically means that the thing you set will only be set in the structure, so you could do this:

while local i<10 i++

This means (hopefully), while the variable ‘i’ is less than 10, add 1 to it and show you the value. If I’m correct, setting it as a local value means you can use it in other places, too.

lua’s silly :v:

Ok, Briefly:

In Lua, You will come across different things: States (Sever-side, Client-side, And Shared. You shouldn’t worry about these for now), And file structures.
In file structures, You will create a routine that requires certain variables to be saved for just this file, And some variables you will want to use in another file.

I will quickly try and some it up:

local MyVar = "Hello, World!"
MyVar2 = "World...? Helllooooo???"

print(MyVar) // Will print  "Hello, World!"
print(MyVar2) // Will print "World...? Helllooooo???"


include("file1.lua") //Normally, you won't have to include to use global variables, I am only using this to show ownership 

MyVar = MyVar or "Variable does not exist"
MyVar2 = MyVar2 or "Variable does not exist"

print(MyVar) //"Variable does not exist"
print(MyVar2) //"World...? Helllooooo???"

This shows that local variables, only exist in the files, Or function, Or routine they are created in, And non local variables are… well… not local :slight_smile: