Looking for free great Huds/F4 menus

I have started a server up and I still have the basic HUD/F4 menu,was wondering if there are any great HUDs/F4 menus out there.
I would love if there was one that showed you your Ammo in your gun.
Thanks for reading :cold_sweat::gun:
Yours sincerely

  • Derek Peanuts*

Borderlands HUD is a really cool one:

For what gamemode, exactly?

I really should check the date before I post.


I’ve made a custom one. Do you want it?

It looks like this

Fix the alignment. The some parts aligned and some not looks bad imo

I have a few hud’s on my website but none of them display ammo. I also have a f4 menu on there!

Youve really got some awesome HUDs on your site dude! Thanks!

I love your HUDs,F4 menus thanks :pwn: