Looking for Freelance Modeller

Hi. I am joint owner of a large Garry’s Mod RP Community. We are currently developing a new gamemode for our Community and have found ourselves in need of a modeller.

Without going into detail, we require someone who is able to do the following:

· Competently rig ragdolls for use as player models and NPCs.
· Work alongside our Development team and providing modelling advice where applicable.
· Ability to work quickly and efficiently to a deadline (around 2-4 weeks).

We will provide all resources necessary, as the current job required is the rigging on ragdolls that we currently possess, as well as applying custom textures to them (that are also provided). It is preferable that the applicant have some knowledge of editing models in minor places, but this is not required.

This is a relatively simple job to start with, and obviously we will provide payment for services rendered. If the work is completed to a good standard, and if the prices are favourable; it will also open up the possibility of repeat business as we may have future requests as the RP develops further.

So are you asking for someone to just rig ragdolls and various things? and model a tad bit?

At the current point, yes.

as far as the deadline goes, how many models you looking for to be done around 2-4 weeks, I can help, I just get busy at times.

As it stands currently:

  • 1 model rigged with custom texture (texture provided).
  • 1 model rigged and then multiple “head hacked” options using the citizen heads.
  • Possible other singular models for use as an “enemy” NPC.

Hmm, headhacks are usually used so you can use facial flexes. I’ve never really done any headhacks (for facial flexes, I’ve done model hacks before) I’ve made my own facial flexes, but those take a good amount of time.

Maybe I’ve used the wrong terminology? (I do the textures, the actual modelling is beyond me haha).

Basically we have a unique model, but we wish to have versions using the citizen heads as well.

Yeah, was just wondering if you wanted the citizen heads because you like them, or you wanted them so you can use facial flexes.

Honestly don’t even have a clue what facial flexes are. We just use the citizen heads because that’s what we’re used to!

I don’t mean to be rude, but do you have any proof that you can pay a decent amount? I’ve had this weird thing happen sometimes where a client gives me some amount of advance money, but then cites the rest as depending on donations, which never come. Really, anything would work, even a snapshot of your paypal balance with the name pixeled out.

Concern is understood, but I will not be posting anything about our finances on here. Needless to say we have more than enough, but prices will be negotiated beforehand.

Doing headhacks while keeping the flexes isn’t actually that hard, I used to do the all the time. After you do it once its a breeze, I still have a folder of dozens and dozens of them.

Here is the tutorial I used to learn how to do it: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=534654
It should cover how to rig custom ragdolls to the valve.biped (player model) skeleton and how to do the actual head hack.

I would do it for you myself but I’ve “retired” from modeling, due to lack of free time and 3DSMax licence.

Sorry for late reply.

Position has already been taken, but thanks to all those who applied.