Looking for french friends..

Hi guys, since I’ve got this game I play it alone and it start to chop my b*lls off… (Sorry for vulgarity, but it’s true.)

I’m a french speaker player and it would be more pleasant to play with other frenches, I don’t know if there a lot a french guys who look at this forum but I take my chance :downs:

thanks all and good luck in game :wink:

go to mcdonalds and ask for large french fries, they’ll give you a shitton of french friends.
[sp]i know they’re from belgium don’t point it out[/sp]

He could get a lot of friends from Wallonia but those guys are all assholes

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[sp]French fries are called french fries because some president or something thought he was in france when he ate them instead he was in the french part of Belgium[/sp]

Aw Max, I’ll be your friend.

Bonjour, je suis un bon ami.

@Mega1pact : You learned me something, I didn’t know why our “frites” are called french fries in english !:downs:

@Chessnut : Your sentence sounds like you are an old french faggot :rolleye:

Well guys, I’ve played 3 hours and the only one french that I seen told me “get the f**k out of there or I’ll kill you”, At least he didn’t kill me…

Edit : I’m not form beligum, but from swizerland guys

not the place to be. :words:

I would but your picture is making me want to find out where you live ingame and raid you constantly whenver i get time to play

you haven’t made a single good post.

I would gladly join you, but I have no access to the game. I’m pretty sure i’m also gonna get buttfucked in the Dutch auction, so it’ll take a while.

Your wrong. Go wiki

Do you think that post counts make you better or something? I would actually like to hear your answer on this zillow.

Should someone start a simple free Ucoz forum for Rust fans of different nationalities? Or do we have enough Rust related sites/accounts up as it is?

I’m french and i have question : we can change a touch in game plz ?

Esc > Options

Thx scuse i’m noob ^^’
and i can’t connect server down ?

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Thx scuse i’m noob but server is down

me to i have a question : can i change my pseudo ? x)