Looking for friendly, fun-seeking, active players - English speaking

Evening/Morning all,

I’m really looking to have some regular players to play with! If you fit the above description then please do get in touch on my steam - aidyrust

Particularly looking for bandits as it’s clearly the most fun part of the game. Please be able to use a gun or some kind without embarrassing yourself. If you enjoy being a total git to others, come join in the fun.

I do have a server of my own but sadly it isn’t populated yet, so happy to join populated servers and build a large base quickly through team gathering.

Add me if interested!


Hey! I think I fit your description! xD I will add you on Steam so look out with the guy named ViejaPutiada… I know it’s a Spanish name but I speak perfect English xD… I also have Skype and Teamspeak if you want to communicate … I also have a functional mic :smiley:

What server location will you be joining? US I take it?

My apologies for not stating that in the first post - I’m from the UK so EU pings are playable


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Got a few now, more the merrier though! Add me!

Hey guys me and my friends are starting an awesome and intense Rust series, if u could maybe show some support or subscribe or something on those lines it would be awesome. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8NC2x9_R8w



my friend has an amazing server! you should definatly join us. its modded, has tpa,home,airdrops, 70% craft time and we are all really friendly. there are some who raid but it usually isn’t often. its amazing.

Accepted your friend request - more welcome too! add me!

Err’… They’re bandits, you really think they give 2 fucks about “being friendly”?


Please don’t stack in a group of 6 bandits going to kill 6 vs 1… That’s not “fun” that’s simply sad.

(not saying you do, but wouldn’t surprise me lol)