Looking for game ideas.

Hello, I’m a small developer and I need to actually make a game this time. I figured out I should probably get random people’s idea for a small game. Keep it simple. no open world or procedural generation. I just need an idea for a small game. It could be about a mutant for elephant for all I care. Once It’s done, it will be free to everyone. It will be for PC, Mac, and maybe Linux. Just tell me specifically what you want, but all I need is the premise and genre of the game. I’ll post updates here and I’m working on a website. If I like more than one idea, I’ll probably make them, too. If this goes well, I’ll do this often and it’ll be better as my skill improves.

a mutelephant? dunno how that idea came up. was just thinking artsy (i just watched some anime) make a ‘dumbo’ game. third person 3d. whether run around or fly or a combo. you could pickup bags of peanuts (i just had some :wink: and you could shoot enemies with it. maybe rats or mice. you know how?!? :v:

if you really dumbo you gotta ask disney tho if you could sell it or do it just for the heck of it.

OK, third person 3d Dumbo it is. I’ll post progress here.

Heeey, he had a mice friend! Why shoot hid kind?)
The only things, which suits as target, are those bubble-elephants, those creppy hallucinations, which crippled my mind for life xD

what? a mouse friend? i dunno. it’s been centuries ago i watched that. and… why’d he shoot bubble elephants? which is his ‘kind’. make it a psycho thing? or human similarity? ehh… not really good. the mouse fear rumor is a known comic element. i dunno why’d they attack him either which would make it a real enemy. maybe it’s missing a purpose to defend something. a fridge? or food. you know mice. :v: exelent. and… you can even completely bypass violence if you let the rats/mice run away only. sure… the shooting thing is… well… shooting. american ‘education’. that’s what my deeper thought is… right now. it might be worth something. or not. it’s a small idea for a lil game. :slight_smile:

if you wanna do it, you could use his mouse friend as a spy or commander. means if you wanna introduce a bit of ‘story’ or reason to switch levels or whatever. that’d be maybe interesting. :v: