Looking for Game Mode mod play testers.

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been working with a small group of guys to make a Rust game mode mode, called “Devil’s Island”. The idea is to provide a bit more end-game content, and some structure to player interactions.

The basic premise is that players compete to be the Boss, who can place a tax on resource gathering (currently up to 45%). Being Boss is has its obvious advantages, but he also has a huge target painted on his back; everyone knows where he is (to within about 150 meters). Kill the boss to become the boss - it’s that simple.

Players can also rebel against paying taxes, but the Boss will then know their location (dangerous to rebel alone, not so much is everyone does ). The Boss can order a helicopter patrol to any rebel’s position, but for quite a high price (currently, 25 HQ Metal).

All of the above is currently functional in the game mode, and running on our test server. We have a lot of more ideas to add, and the mod will be updated daily (and I promise, updates won’t destroy your buildings or create memory leaks!)

If this idea sounds interesting to you, you’re welcome to join us play-testing this. If not, thanks for reading this anyway. The test server is called “Devil’s Island|Game Mode|PVP|02.10|Friendly” - you’ll find it in the “Modded” section, of course.

(We are in Europe (CET/GMT), the server is in Frankfurt. Admins may be online during the day, and are online during the evening).

Hop on, and show us who’s Boss.

John Roberts.

Is there going 2 be admins on constantly?

If by constantly you mean “24x7”, no. But there will be admins on during the evenings, and other times when the server is busy.

Evenings? What time zone?

GMT/CET. There may be an admin on during the day. “Evenings” typically means from about 7pm until about 3am CET (so, 6pm to 2am for you).