Looking for Gamemode Coder

I’m looking for a gamemode coder to work with myself and a team of artists/mappers. Specifically, this is for a Halo-based Roleplaying gamemode.

As I am an amateur coder at best, I am fairly lost when it comes to coding gamemodes. As such, that is why I am posting this thread.

I have a “team” of individuals for dealing with the other aspects of this, however none of us are really good with coding.

I am a modeller/animator/texturer primarily, so I can assist in that area as needed. I can also make SWEPS fairly easily, however that is really the limit to what I can pull off with LUA besides some simple entities. We also have a mapper and another artist.

If you’re interested in doing the coding, please PM me for the details of things planned. I am open to additions you may want to add to the gamemode, being that I cannot do the coding explicitly.

Any details on what it’s about? Like is it covenant vs humans,class system, ect. I’m ok at coding and do have experience with making gamemodes.

It is Covenant Vs. Humans, there will be weapons buyable with credits earned by killing the other faction. I’m also going to look into creating working vehicles for use in it as well. I’m going to be porting/making stuff for this mod, and I have been helping Medrop with his HEV pod so that it could be put to use in this mod potentially as well.

Will there be cool skins, and a nice environment? :slight_smile:

Yes, those will be done. I plan complete ports as well as a custom Spartan model. (Halo Reach style.)

Ah i see this could be very cool if done right. I’ll go ahead and help where i can. Go ahead and add me on steam.

Alright, done. I have to see about trying to make the warthogs work with multiple seats. Wonder if I can get one to work without messing with the jeeps, so the physics is more like Halo does it…

Could you make sure we don’t need ep2 or something like that? So many good gamemodes that require ep1-ep2 and I don’t have it :open_mouth: