Looking for gamemode developers - Paid Work or percentage of donations

www.NerdOverload.net Is looking for a single or team of developers to create a Custom gamemode for our community.

Depending on the quality of the work and your terms, You will receive either payment for completion of said gamemode, or a percentage of donations taken. With possible further payments for any modifications needed.

It is also highly recommended that anyone that undertakes the job become an active member of the community.

It is expected anyone who applies has an extensive knowledge of lua and has created gamemodes before.

The Gamemode itself would be a Zombie shooter come RPG Ideally with quests and a leveling system

Please post here or pm me if you are interested :slight_smile:

This is a serious opportunity, you will receive some sort of payment for your work. If you are nervous about not being paid, a legally binding contract can be drawn up.

You should post this in the Lua Scripter Hire Recruitment Thread. Also you should probably post something about what you want done besides “a custom gamemode”.

Is this in the wrong section ? sorry about that, i’ll update the first post with info about the type of gamemode wanted :3