Looking for gamemode

So I decided to launch Garry’s Mod again after playing some MMO’s the last years.
I’m looking for a gamemode that I can’t remember the name of.

It was a gamemode were (if I remember correctly) there were two teams. One alien team and one human team. The alien team started out with just one alien (or a zombie, can’t remember) who could walk rather fast and jump rather fast, it also had a lot of health. The mission for the alien was to defeat all the humans within a time-frame.
The humans could choose from different classes, I remember Engineer, he could deploy turrets, and Soldier, but there were others classes as well.
I’m sorry for the bad explaining, but do any of you guys know what gamemod I’m talking about?

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t actually played it much myself, but you possibly may be thinking of Morbus?

No, I’m afraid not :frowning:
Gonna try out stalker, could be that (silly me not remembering that the “alien” was invisible) ^^
It was similar to Stalker but with classes. Anyone know of it?

Are you sure you aren’t thinking of The Stalker, anyway? 'cuz I’ve been fixing that up recently and it DOES have classes :v:

Hmm, but does it have classes like the Engineer? I’m pretty sure it’s not the Stalker gamemode.

I remember fixing up an old fretta gamemode months ago called Zombie Onslaught, which definitely had classes like Engineer, Medic, etc, but I don’t recall it being like what you described.

Here are the classes on The Stalker, which mainly seem to be weapon names:

Just go on history?

I’ve tried :wink:
No, It’s not Stalker :confused: