Looking for Gamemodes

Hello guys!

I’m looking for as many Gamemodes i can get. I’m making a LAN-Party soon, so it would be cool if you could give me some Gamemodes for Garrysmod.
I saw a Gamemode called: “StrongHold” or whatever, but i didn’t find any download Links. :confused:

Thanks in advance.

That’s funny, Stronghold is on the first page of the “Gamemodes” section.

The download link is in the OP.

Want more?

Try a little harder next time please.

Thank you.
And sorry, I’m lazy. >_<

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Urm, anyone got a winrar download link? :3
I don’t get it with that SVN…

Download and install TortoiseSVN.

Create a new folder on your desktop. Right click on it and you will see a new option “SVN Checkout”. In URL of Repository paste the following link.


Click OK. The files will download to the folder you created.

I mean for the StrongHold Gamemode. Sorry, I’m stupid.
Could someone upload it on Garrysmod.org? :3

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Anyone? >_<

That is Stronghold!

It’s SVN for a reason and no, people can’t upload it for you. Not without permission from the owner.

I tried it but it ain’t work. I followed the instructions! >_>