Looking for Garrys mod Model/Skin Makers

Hey there,

I’ve been searching steam and the Internet for ages now looking for someone to create a Few Garry’s mod Star wars HD Looking Models. I only have a small budget of about £15 but hopefully that should be enough? (I can and will supply more if you can show proof that you make good models), Please contact me over steam and we can discuss what I want done and what the price will be etc.


You must show me Valid proof of your previous work

You must confirm that you know how to Make HD models of what I want.

That Unless you keep me up to date with proof of what you’re doing with the Models and give me a date it should be finished by, I shall not pay until you give me the Finished Models.

Unless we discuss otherwise, The Price MUST be decided before any work takes place, I will not have you ask for say £15 and once it’s finished ask for 25, I shall only pay what you stated at the start.

Thank you for your time

Steam Name: [WG] Harry

Contact me through steam.

nobody is going to make you models from scratch for 15 pounds, especially “hd models 2 my standerdz :Dd!!!”

I did say I was willing to pay more, My Budget is 15 but when I get some more money I can pay 25-30 If I know that the Creator is Good at making Models.

25-30 pounds is still not enough, people expect around 100+ for the stuff they make, because this is how most people make money.

maybe you could just post what you want. being gmod it’s gon’ be complicated to make playable. size and limitations and all. gon’ be ragdolls? or you want a player model for yourself? for the price nobody wants to discuss any “from scratch” work. maybe somebody can find some game models for modding them a lil more hd. this is not for sale tho. and free qualtiy is just… mmh.

Okay maybe I under estimated how much this will cost :stuck_out_tongue: But I think I’ve managed to find someone who is very experience in making models and can do it for a cheaper price (TFA) , So I’m all good. Thanks for your help!