Looking for Garrysmod.com newsposters

I’m interested in finding some more newsposters for Garrysmod.com. So to get maximum exposure I’m posting this in a few sections like the last application threads.

You’ll gain the ability to publish your own articles and approve people’s submissions. The website is powered by a moderately tweaked Wordpress installation so it should be easy to get a hang of.

Basically here’s what I want, copy paste’d from garry’s old thread:
[ul][li] Good spelling etc[/li][li] A good idea of what is news worthy and what is not[/li][li] HTML skills a total bonus, but not totally required[/li][li] Trustworthy[/li][li] Actively involved in the community[/li][li] Want to do it all for free[/ul][/li]


Please read this carefully… if you aren’t capable of following these simple instructions you’re showing me you wouldn’t really be a good newposter. Reason why I’m being a little blunt is some people seem to seriously misunderstand this part of the application process.

Post an item of news HERE:

I know it allows guest posting… but I won’t accept applications if you submit it as a guest. You need to be registered and logged in, you can do so HERE:

Make SURE you put (APPLY) at the beginning of your article’s title.

Basically, you post an item of news as if you were already an admin to show me what you’ve got. It must be something that has some amount of newsworthyness and must not already be posted on the website. If your article is all nice and spiffy but is about something that was already posted about, I’ll probably dismiss your submission.


With the above in mind… apply away. Good luck!

You can also use this topic to ask me questions if you’re curious about anything… I’ll be checking these every so often.

I tried :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure I won’t make it, but I think it was a good topic :stuck_out_tongue: and it passed the time :smiley:

I tried before and didnt get in. So I definitely wont get in this time, seeing as my reporter skills are rubbish.

I could be a good admin, but nothing extremely interesting is happening right now. I can always do some hardcore edit and proofreading on submitted ideas.

Guys, please be sure to add (APPLY) to the title, gets annoying thinking that its a normal submited artcile, the to realise it was an application.

And post in LUA Scripting why?

More like Discussion or something.

Hes posted in all the major forums, I believe.

I applied. Thanks for the opportunity mm3guy!

Are we going to be told if we’re rejected?

If its the same as before, The winners get chosen and nobody is told :V

Totally trying out for it.

Are application have to be anything to do with Gmod or can it be anything really just to show off are skills.

[quote=“mm3guy, post:1, topic:18987”]

[ul][li] Good spelling etc - Have
[/li][li] A good idea of what is news worthy and what is not - Perhaps
[/li][li] HTML skills a total bonus, but not totally required - Don’t have
[/li][li] Trustworthy - Perrrrrrrrhapssssssssss
[/li][li] Actively involved in the community - Yes
[/li][li] Want to do it all for free - Ah, no then[/ul][/li][/QUOTE]

'tis a pity…

I tried and failed last time, guess I’m just not a writer, won’t be re-trying :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we allowed to dig up our old posts and put the link here? I dont feel like making another one, but I would enjoy sending in my old post.

No, go make a new one. You are going to have to write new ones when you are an actual admin.

I suppose your right. I wont bother this time. Possibly next time.