Looking for Garrysmod.com newsposters

My Web Development class came in use for once.

Just realized I forgot to add the thumbnails in :v:

Dude. The way you described it makes it sound awesome. IT MUST BE MADE. :v:

I guess I could take a stab at it, free reign over garrysmod.com ain’t too bad.

Could you just activate my account, or send my password in an e-mail since it refuses to send me the activation e-mail?

-snip just submitted an app-

Is it okay if you submit several apps, as long as the quality is good enough?

My article got submitted?
well then I was not expecting that.

Mine too, now im hoping that i didn’t forget to put (APPLY) in the title

Guys, stop giving us news articles about your Garry’s Mod communities. I’m looking at you, Strawberry. :colbert:

Who got accepted? If it was the guys who got their articles posted, I counted Icemaz, Nori, Stratofarius, Trivium and LimeJET.

Published articles don’t necessarily mean that they have become admins and if you haven’t been published that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be an admin. mm3guy will be letting the applicants know maybe today or tomorrow.

Icemaz and nori are already admins
and you forgot me :<

Cool, my SunRise article’s displayed :smiley:

But he remembered me.

Nice and detailed. I liked it. :v:

I’m already an admin damnit >:(

So am I. :mad:

Well i’ve been one longer than you, damnit >:(


I assume mine wasn’t interesting enough V:smug:V

From the three articles I submitted, only one got accpeted. And one of the rejected was about gm_speedway_v2.