Looking for GMod mapper

Hello !

We’re looking for a good mapper who can make a custom map for us. The theme is fallout/nuclear winter. If you’re interested send me a PM or add CAULAINCOURT250 on steam and I’ll give you more detailed information. An arrangement about the payment can be made.


I assume you want a map for a roleplaying server? What type of roleplay, exactly? Dark RP?

Tip- don’t sign your posts. Do you see anyone else signing their posts? No? Then you don’t need to either.

We have a custom script, based on Dark RP.

So you have DarkRP with a few minor changes.

We’ll need to know more information on what you need. Don’t say “PM us for more info”, nobody will PM you because they won’t know exactly what you want.

Sound like you want a fairly large map.

Hope you compensate correctly

I’ve had 4 PMs so far and 3 people added me on steam… The changes to DarkRP aren’t that minor either.

Post the maximum you would pay.

Some people would be much more inclined to help if you told them what the map is all about, and you offered an incentive.

Welcome to facepunch

I asked him 20-40 hours at $8 an hour and he said no, so under $160.

I can’t help but feel that FP charges extortionately for maps.

Supply and demand?

It’s been a long time since I last saw a map request fulfilled. I’ve noticed that once people ask for incentives, nothing really happens afterwards.

But that’s just my observation, it may or may not be correct.

Well I don’t know about other people, but I knew I was going to pay for the map. Anyway I found a mapper so this can be closed. Thanks to everyone for the help.

IF your mapper is called cruma, you havn’t got a mapper.

I REALLY hope Cruma/Kruma is not the OP’s mapper.

Aspen I think…

It’s Aspen, really nice guy as far as I can tell.

Then you sir are going to get a fantastic map.